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Ecommerce and B2B

Sourcing can assist in delivering the products to the warehouses situated on convenient locations. When traceability | distribution | inventory management is covered the company can focus on sales and growth of the business.

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n summary, logistics focuses on the overall management of the supply chain, encompassing the physical movement and storage of goods, while sourcing specifically deals with identifying and selecting suppliers or service providers for logistics-related activities. Both logistics and sourcing play crucial roles in ensuring the smooth and cost-effective operation of a company's supply chain.

Project Solution

. Our expertise in this area is a must . Projects from Amsterdam to New York to San Francisco are accomplished by our team. Contact our Hong Kong office for more information.

Global Distribution

Distribution is now more important then ever. In time deliveries | traceability | customized packaging for a better service level in the B2B and B2C. These are important factors for successful business. Sourcing and experienced partners serve to have a global distribution network. Combination of Sea freight | Airfreight will make global distribution more flexible to the requirements of your business..

Manufactoring solutions

Prototyping | Production | Project management | Quality Inspection | Certifications | Global distribution can be managed by Sourcing . Our team of production managers will be monitoring , managing and updating clients across the globe to assure complete transparency and progress during production.

World Sourcing Legal Office

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Sourcing, on the other hand, is the process of identifying, evaluating, selecting, and managing suppliers or service providers for various business needs, including logistics. It involves finding the right partners or vendors who can provide the required goods or services at the right time, quality, and price. .

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